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“We want to create a place, not a building.”


While sharing the client's thoughts and finding joy and comfort in a new life,


We would like to value the goodness of each place and pursue the possibilities of architecture to create a rich place.



Thoughts and things we value


​First Class Architect Office Tokyo Governor Registration No. 65767

Participation in architect liability compensation system


2-21-2-1S Fuda, Chofu, Tokyo 182-0024

​tel:042-444-5651 / 070-5579-5550





2-28-11-1F Kusamuta, Kagoshima City, Kagoshima Prefecture 890-0014




Business specification:

1. Architectural design and supervision

Houses, apartment complexes, medical and welfare facilities, stores, offices, hotels,  

     Galleries, plazas, parks, landscapes, etc.)


2. Planning and planning of land use

3. Consulting services related to the region, environment, and facilities

4. Planning and design of industrial products and interior products

5. Businesses incidental to each of the above items

Shibuya Kakeru Law Office  Counsel Lawyer Keisei Takagi



Office overview

Representative profile


Shin Kasakake

Shin  Kasakake

First-class architect No. 346436


1982 Born in Kagoshima Prefecture

2001 Graduated from Kagoshima Technical High School, Department of Architecture

2001 Tac design

2003 Atelier design office

2007 Nihon Sekkei Co., Ltd.

2012 Taisei Construction Co., Ltd. Design Headquarters

2013 KASA ARCHITECTS / Shin Kasakake Architectural Design Office established


2000 Kagoshima Prefecture Architects Association Housing Competition Encouragement Award

2010 Good Design Award (Sakura Terrace)

​2016 Good Design Award (Share house in Funabashi)

​2018 Chiba Prefecture Architectural Culture Award (Share house in Funabashi)

2021   Best Mixed-Use Residential Project 2021 (Forest Atelier)

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